THE WORLD OF GHIBLI : The Exhibition in Jakarta (Part 1)

Around May, my friends told me that there would be held World of Ghibli exhibition in Jakarta. Jakarta became the chosen city to hold the exhibition in the entire South-East Asia. I was extremely excited and booked the tickets with my friends. (It was planned before I bought the ticket for Bali ! It was quite long waiting).

The ticket is sold 300k for weekdays and 350 for weekends. Because of one of my friends will come from Bandung, so we chose 17th of August, Independence day of Indonesia, haha. This exhibition started from early August, but unfortunately the committee announced that the exhibition was not 100% ready, there were still some parts were not ready to be displayed. When we came, there was some part closed by the curtain, and they said that the 2D zone was not yet ready.

These are some photos I have taken from the exhibition and they will be posted into 2 parts. Could you guess from which movies each photo???

One of the starter pack of being an architecture student in Parahyangan University is watching Studio Ghibli movies, said my friend Ninis from what she read on the internet. I started falling in love with Studio Ghibli was when I studied in uni. My first movie was Ponyo. (Fyi, I am a so-Disney-kinda type, so I never even thought that other animation movie could be better than Disney). When I watched Ponyo, I was amazed by everything in it. It showed me how wild imagination could be, about a little tiny random creature grew become a little girl and what they were facing in the story. Since then, I watched the other, and of course, as mainstream as it can be, Spirited Away is and always will be my most favorite movie.

When I stepped in, I realize how detail what they are making. It is very detail and felt kinda nostalgic. I felt like a little girl with sparkling eyes. We spent about 3 hours in the exhibition hall. The more people coming until had to queue to take a photo on each spot. There were some volunteer helping us take some photos and explaining the trivial facts on each item.

to see part 2, click here !

Ballroom of Ritz Carlton Pacific Place

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