ASIAN GAMES 2018 : So Proud !

Indonesia is hosting Asian Games 2018 ! 

At first, I just thought it was SEA Games, for South-East Asia, not a big deal. But when I heard there are 45 countries that about to compete, wow, that's a real deal. A few weeks before the opening, my friend, Tasha, asked me if I would like to watch any games in Jakarta. I said, "why don't we watch semi-final badminton. It will be in the weekend, and highly possible that Indonesian team will make it." So we bought it with cheap price I think, only 100k IDR in Kiostix website. And so the opening was in 18th of August 2018 (18.08.18), the day after the independence day of Indonesia. 

The opening, yeah, it wasssss sooo crazyyyy ! It became the hot topic at the moment. Jokowi, the president was riding the motorbike. Enormous fireworks with grande stage that looked like a mountain. Such a memorable night. 

And finally, the day was come, 26th August 2018. Fortunately, on the same day, my sister Danielle was celebrating "7 bulanan" for her pregnancy. So I rushed from Cibubur to Istora Senayan in about 1 hour (Thanks to feeder TransJakarta at Cibubur Junction). Met up with Tasha, around 1 PM. Because I was late, we sat on the back row of the tribune. Suddenly, my nationality was rising up, I joined the "IN-DO-NE-SIA" chanting non stop. Supporting for our athletes, from Jonatan Christie, Agus Ginting, and the famous Minions couple. Lucky for us, on that day, most of the games were taken over by Indonesia. They won for several games, that made us so hyped up until night. 

I posted this a day after the closing. I felt a bit sad and wish that there will be other amazing event like this one. But once again, congratulation Indonesia ! So proud ! 

Jalan Pintu Satu Senayan

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