BROWN CANYON : Hidden Gem in Semarang

On our last day, we visited one of instagrammable places in Semarang, recording what I googled in advance. The place is called Brown Canyon, please don't think it will be like the Grand Canyon or whatsoever. It is actually a chalk mine, so usually the place is full of trucks. There is one site that recommend for bringing mask for the visitor, because it will be very sandy. To get there, we just followed the route from Google Maps and it was kinda confusing for us, because there was no gate or signage about this place. Please take note there was no proper parking place. So you can park your car on the side of the main road.

Luckily, we came at big holiday (Idul Fitri), so there was no activity at all at the site. We could take photos freely around the place. Surprisingly, the place is very exciting to explore. 

(People in frame : Dad, Mom, Jonathan, and Andrew)

*There are some reviews that said it was inconvenience to visit here when the trucks are working, so I recommend it to visit on the holiday season

Rowosari, Tembalang
Semarang, Central Java

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