GYUKATSU MOTOMURA : Must-eat Beef Cutlet in Tokyo

Gyukatsu Motomura in Shinjuku 

In my first night in Tokyo, my friends and I went to Shinjuku to taste the most popular katsu in Japan. It is Gyukatsu Motomura, the restaurant has 6 branches in Tokyo. We searched the place by using Google Maps, then got confused on where the restaurant was. There was no signage that we could read it. But actually, it is very easy to spot the restaurant. You will see some line up of people and that is 99% the right place. In Shinjuku, Gyukatsu Motomura located beside Sukiya restaurant, on the underground. 

After waiting for almost an hour on the outside, when we entered the restaurant we still saw people queuing. While waiting, the waitress came to us to give the menu and ask what will we order, so that when we reached our table, the food will be ready for us. 


*Yam is like sweet potato from Japan, and it is served as a condiment, you can combine it with your rice, but some of the people do not really like it. 

The place is very small, it is only can have around 20 people at the same time. You could put down your bag on the basket that they give under your table. If you sit on the bar, you can see the chef preparing your dish right away.

I forgot to take the picture how to eat the katsu, maybe it is not the perfect one, but I made a short video in here. So check it out.

1st Basement Floor
3 Chome-32-2 Shinjuku

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