Til We Meet Again Ompung

26th June 2018

My beloved Ompung Boru Pluit has passed away.

I got the news when I was in Semarang. I flew back to Jakarta that night and went directly to see my Ompung. It hurts so much. I still remembered the room, where I slept with her, talking until I slept, and Ompung would make sure that I placed the blanket. 

5 days passed through, it was a mix feeling of sadness and happiness. 
Too many wonderful memories I spent with Ompung. But now, she has ended the journey and found peace.

Day 1

Day 2

Aruan Family

Day 3


With Uncles

Day 4

My Aunt, Tante Ren !

Day 5

San Diego

All of the grandchildren + great grandchildren

I love you Ompung

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