MUSEUM BANK INDONESIA : Best Museum in Kota Tua

Bank Indonesia is the central bank of Indonesia. Museum Bank Indonesia is formerly a building of De Javasche Bank, later was bought by Bank Indonesia.
Before the current building existed, the site was used for a small church, during the dutch collonialism in 1625. The neo-classical style building was built in 1828 by Edward Cuypers, a Dutch Architect. He combined the Neo-Renaissance architecture with Javanese details as we can see from the facade. The facade itself was finished in 1909. In 2006, the bank was restored into a museum, formerly opened by Burhannudin Abdullah as the governer BI.

The content inside the museum is about the journey of Indonesia's monetary situation and the history of Bank Indonesia until nowaday. The exhibition is combining audio and visual with technology such as interactive displays. You will also see the bank notes that were used since pre-collonialism era which were come from different regions. This museum is very convenient, it will take 1.5 to 2 hours to explore the museum. You cannot bring your bag, food and beverages, inside the museum. Please take a note that the museum is closed in Monday. 

Ticketing Booth

Opening hours : Tuesday-Friday 07.30 AM - 03.30 PM, Weekend 08.00 AM - 04.00 PM (Guided tour is available at 08.00 AM, 10.00 AM, and 01.00 PM)

Entrance Fee : 5000 IDR


Jalan Pintu Besar Utara No.3
West Jakarta
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