PANTJORAN TEA HOUSE : Drink the Tea, It's Free !

Pantjoran Tea House is one of the must visit spot in Glodok, the oldest pecinan (Chinatown) in Jakarta. Long time ago, this building was used as a pharmacy, called Apphotek Chung Hwa. Since 2006, it was changed into a place to stop by. After the revitalization, Pantjoran Tea House stands charmingly as an old building with combining oriental ambience with collonial style. They are not only selling tea, but also serve some chinese dishes that are suitable for family. The building itself has 2 storey, the first floor is for selling the tea, while the second floor is for the restaurant. 

The uniqueness of this place, is on the front of the building there is a table with several teapots with cups. They call it asa Tradisi "Patekoan" it means 8 teko. Each teapots are free tea for every passerby. You can take a free sip of the tea. This kind habit was started by Captain Gan Djie, who provided fine tea for everyone with no charge, 8 pots per day. 

Jalan Pancoran Raya No. 4-6 Glodok
West Jakarta
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