TAN JETTY : Chasing Sun

Around 5 PM, after stuffing with cakes, Tasha and I visited another jetty beside Chew Jetty. Tan Jetty is located near Chew Jetty. We went there by using Grab, stopped by on the side of the road, and walked through the small alley. Unfortunately, when we visited here, the tide was low, so there was little water around us. But despite it, the ambiance was so calm and you can enjoy the color of the sky is changing through the golden time. 





You can enjoy the view of Hean Boo Thean Kuan Yin Temple from here.

Next Morning

We put "Enjoying sunrise" on our next morning's itinerary. We arrived at 08.00 AM and saw the sign said that it opens at 09.00 AM. 
Thank God there was one old man that held the key and opened the gate for us. 

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