BAZAAR ART 2018 : 10 for 10

Hello, and yes here I am. In the middle of the year 2020. No art event that I have visited since last year. So I found this folder in my portable hard disc and edited it right away to update my blog. This year is truly so hard for everyone. I hope in the rest of the year 2020, I can update other postpone posts that I should do. 

This event was held in March 2018. There were 10 installations by 10 Indonesian artists. But pardon my lack of information, I took photos without noticing them. So to update 1:1 post and #monochromeseries, I proudly present some of my photos ! Actually why I posted in black and white is to picture the year that we have gone through. So be patient and enjoy!

Square Circle Series by Kemal Ezedine

Sang Liyan & Sang Liyan by Cinanti Astria Johansjah

by Eddy Susanto
The Irony of Ruralism by Eddy Susanto

389-696-104-554 by Syagini Ratna Wulan

Standing Up in the Market Barrels by Uji Hahan Handoko

Pacific Place 

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