YAYOI KUSAMA : Life is the Heart of A Rainbow

This is my second time visiting Yayoi's Exhibition. I was soooo excited to see this first exhibition in South-East Asia. Some of my friends had already captured some of the works and posted them on social medi (so envy). This exhibition is held from 9th June - 3th September 2017, so as you read this, you still have time ! The title of the exhibition is Life is the Heart of A Rainbow. Singapore is very concern about this exhibition, the publication could be seen in some MRT or bus stations. They even make #SGlovesKusama hashtag for social media.

Polkadot-theme on the side walk in front of the museum


25 SGD for only Yayoi's Exhibition, plus 5 SGD and you can see other exhibitions (Price for Non-Singaporean)

Dots Obsession

The Artworks

The Spirits Of The Pumpkins Descended Into The Heavens

Invisible Life

Infinity Mirrored Room – Gleaming Lights of the Souls

*Note : You have to line up with other visitors to enter this room. It is only allowed for max 3 person inside. The most important thing, you only have 20 sec inside! 

I Want to Love on The Festival Night

With All My Love For The Tulips, I Pray Forever


Narcissus Garden

I believe viewing this exhibition is really worth the price. Yayoi Kusama  sure is a wonderful talented artist. She can deliberate her ideas into something simple but deep in meaning. Fyi, I took almost 4 hours seeing this exhibition, so I suggest you could spare your time to explore them more :) 

Opening hour : 10.00 am-7.00 pm
Entrance Fee : 25 SGD for non-Singaporean

1 Saint Andrew's Road, #01–01

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