NARA PARK : Hi Deer~*

Nara once was the capital city of Japan. It only takes 40 minutes by train from Osaka. We took local bus from the station to the Nara Park, you can ask in Nara Tourism Center near the station. The officers are very friendly, they gave us the information we need, and even lent us free umbrella. 

My friend who works in Nara, said that the best time to visit Nara is in the morning. The city is very nice and tidy. There is no entrance fee if you only enjoying the park. But there are some temples and museum that charge admission to the visitors. The most special thing in Nara Park, is the DEER ! They are freely roaming everywhere. You can buy food from some sellers near the park. But sometimes, the deers can be so aggressive, you sure have to be brave to give them the food. I saw a man's cloth was bitten by the deer 😣.

Nara Park is as large as 600 hectares, so you should be prepared your foot to walk around to explore the park. Because of rain, I could not go too far from the entrance gate, it was very cold. If I get a second chance, sure I will come back to this park!


Let go

Smiling at the unbloomed sakura

Outside the Todaiji Temple


Must be better if it is a clear sky

I'll be back !

*Note : I would like to remind all of you that you are not supposed to think Nara is as gloomy as my photos. It was unfortunately not the best day I had when I came to Nara. 

Opening hour : 24 hours
Entrance Fee : Free

Nara, Nara Prefecture

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