So, my sister is official Mrs. Sidabutar now. 15th July 2017, she said "I do" and married to Mr. Johansen Sidabutar. I could not believe the day would come. She is my bestfriend, my partner-in-crime, my advisor, my everything. We usually slept in one room, chat as long as posibble, saying too many "Good night"s to end the conversation. 

As her little sister, I could not walk around and capture some pictures on her wedding. So these are some pictures that I could get. Enjoy!

Early in the morning...

Mother-daughter time

They are coming...

'It' car

They've arrived


Mr. Timothy Aroean
"Be careful of my hat!" - Danielle


Saying hello

The gift


Tense up
Mr. Daniel Sidabutar

Sorry not you, wires

Finish it

I did not get a chance to take a photo in the church because the rundown is very tight. The ceremony went very well. Lot of guests filled up the church. 

Next post will be the photos from "gedong" , a bataknese wedding. So wait up! 

*NOTE : You can see other photos from ELLE&HANSEN :)

Happy for you sist!
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