BROKEN BEACH : Drifted Away

It is the second spot on our day-trip at Nusa Penida. It is called as Broken Beach. You will be trekking for about 5-10 minutes. I do not really suggest this spot for older people (#sorrynotsorry). The path is rocky and somewhat very sharp. You have to be really cautious. Any footwear could be use for this trekking. I have seen a woman with her flat shoes, and she could do it (*girl power!). But of course, it could be better if you wear the most comfortable footwear that you have. 

This is truly a jaw-dropping spot. It really took my breathe away. You can see the endless horizon and enjoy sitting on the field with fresh breeze from the sea. If it is not a one-day trip, for sure I could spend a day sitting there eating peanuts. 

Nusa Penida, Bali

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