KELINGKING BEACH : Blue-ish as It Can Be

So the first thing we did on our Nusa Penida trip was sailing from Sanur beach for about 30 min. While waiting for the driver that was assigned for us, we bought our breakfast from a local lady that sells satay and fish with tipat. It only cost around 12.000 IDR. 

Tasha - Andre - Mirna -Antraya (left-right)
After we met with the driver, he took us to the first spot which was Kelingking Beach. We stopped by on a hill and could see big cliffs with white-sand beach on the bottom. If you want to go downside, it will takes around 2 hours to get there, by foot. 

Fell in love with the colour

You can get on a tree, to be taken photos from the other side. It will look like this...

Our model, Antraya

Nusa Penida, Bali

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*behind the scene

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