BALITRIP2017 : From The Rising of The Sun

Last July, my friends and I planned a 3-day getaway to Bali. The first thing we did on our Bali trip this year was having a day trip at Nusa Penida. We searched up the web for this destination and found a website that offer the travel service. It is , in the web you can find the number of the contact person. It is recommended, since I have tried it! (As soon as I post  The starting point is from Sanur Beach. My friends and I arrived around 6 AM, and thankfully we could enjoy the sunrise. It was truly wonderful and happened so fast! 

It is a short post due to my deadline in so many things, but for the next one, I promise will share my experience at Nusa Penida. So, please wait for it !

Taken by Iphone 5, posted on Instagram Story @elizabethannah


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