CHRISTMAS EVE 2017 : Be The Light that Kills the Darkness

24th December 2017

at GKI Serpong

I was joining the Christmas Eve Service, at 04.00 PM. Decoration, choir, good music, theater play, candle light are always the main things that will be found on Christmas day. With my camera, with limited view, these are some photos taken at the service.

*The Play*

It was a unique plot with unique casts. The play was consisted from 4 main character Joko, Akong, Togar, and Yo. They met each other in a cell on Christmas Eve. Each characters described their story about how they could be ended up in the cell. I believe there were still kindness in this world. God has made us all very well. They did wrong things because there were a reason behind it, for example they had done it for their family. 


*Candle Lighting*

Christ emptied Himself taking the form of a bond-servant
-Philippians 2:7

He came to this world become the source of light.
And now is our turn, be the light and start shining through the darkness.

*Festive Music*

Well done everyone !
Pak Viasido, Andrew, Om Sam, Ivan, Mikha, and Jacqueline 

Betlehem Choir 

Merry Christmas, people.

Giri Loka 2 BSD
South Tangerang

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