LAWANG SEWU : Thousand Doors

Lawang means door, and Sewu means thousand*. So Lawang Sewu means thousand doors or "seribu pintu". 

And yes, there are a LOT of doors in the building, but unfortunately the doors do not reach 1000 (fact : there are only 329 doors !). When I stepped inside the building, I felt the anxiety fill up my brain. I started to make a thriller scene that can happened at that time (which is of course impossible). It is very confusing how one room can have many doors. Inside the room, there is a exhibition, mainly about the history of Indonesian Railway System. 

This building is the most anticipated by my friends. They kept asking if I would visit this building. In the past, Lawang Sewu was famous by its haunted rooftop and basement. The officer said to me there is a dungeon down there, previously was used for jail. Once, it was one of the most haunted places in the world. The building was built in 1904-1907, designed by C. Citroen.  In 2011, the government decided to renovate the building to bring a new image for the visitor.

Opening Hour : 07.00 AM - 09.00 PM

Entrance Fee : Adult 10.000 IDR, Children & Student 5.000 IDR

Komplek Tugu Muda, Jl. Pemuda, Sekayu, Semarang
Jawa Tengah 50132

 (*revised at 11/12, thanks to Nia P. for reminding her know-nothing-friend)
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