TEGALALANG : Hidden Rice Paddy

On the side of the road in Ubud, you will see some banner "RICE TERRACE". And so there will be the gate so you can see this wonderous place. "Terasering" is a system of planting the paddy by Indonesian. The volume of the rainfall causing the debit water must be flowed as fast as possible. So the field are divided into different level. This scenery is the famous one that you can find in Balinese paintings. Some of the area are free access, but you will be asked for entrance fee, as much as you willing to gift.

This photodiary will be featuring my beloved friend, Nisita Widianti. Should check on her !


My tips for you who want to visit this place is make sure you have fit body with good energy. I went there with my friends, and we could not finish one trip to the other side of the field. Some stairs are so steep, so be careful especially for older people. 

Ubud, Bali

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