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Few months before, my friend Ananta, asked me and my friends to watch this phenomenal musical in Jakarta. It was the first rerun after the debut production, Petualangan Sherina The Musical, in 2017. This musical is adapted from a children movie with the same title. It was a story of a girl name Sherina moving in to a new city, meeting new friends and unexpectedly  encountering some adventurous moments. Some of the OSTs are taken into the musical, while the production added some new songs. The first time I watched the movie was when I was 7. The songs, the story lines, the casts were perfect at that time. I could still remember the lyric and melody of each songs.

Musical Buddies (Left-Right : Ananta, Diva, Me, Nofryda, Ridho)
17th February 2018, the day has come. The show was held in Taman Ismail Marzuki, Cikini. We booked on the C section, and got our seat on the second balcony. 07.00 PM the show started. 
  • OSTs
There are some additional OSTs for this musical production. They are good, but some songs end ...

"Menikmati Hari"
Sherina (Caecillia Laura) sang the first song. Like yes, you are so so so goooooodddd ! It is like 10/10. Her voice was really close to the real one. The nostalgic feeling suddenly feel up my mind. 

"Lihatlah Lebih Dekat"
One of my favourite songs in this musical. But regrettably, the beautiful voice of Laura was not fully supported by the orchestra and the background singers. This song was sung with Sherina's mother. Maisha Kanna, so good, so mature. But when Sherina and her mother sang together with the same melody, it sounded a little dissonant. Of course, it was difficult for doing it live. 

This was the first time I listened to the song. The melody was kinda hard, it had many difficult interval. As the lyric was in Indonesia. I still cannot catch up the the song. Whether the cast was having a sore throat, or did not fit into the song. So I tried to listen to the recorded version. Still. I cannot hear the lyrics. So sorry.
  • The Settings
The setting for the first scene was interesting. It was a MRT project fence with buildings in Jakarta for the background. Until the Boscha scene, with stars lighting around the hall, it was a magical experience. Unfortunately, the black screen on the back did not close perfectly, we still can see the backstage. 
  • Villains
The 3-villains were funny, but for me, comedic scene is important. In this musical, too much. I know how they were trying to include the ''nowness' into their story. They gave a little joke, by singing Sempurna and other songs, which was for me, ruining the mood and other fantastic songs. Plus, "Kaya Mendadak", the music is catchy, the melody is kinda raw.
  • Kertarajasa
I give my appreciation to the people who made this score in the very first place. It is a genius work, especially when the dancers came out and danced flamingo, it reminded me with West Side Story. Zus Natasha, you should try that production ! You did so well, thumbs up for your maximal performance.

While writing this review, I listened to the original version of the movie version. I started to understand, why I felt something missing in this musical. The instruments they were using in the movie version were more diverse and richer. The Elfa Secoria background vocals were so terrific, they could add up the ambience for every song. But FYI, the crews for this musical are people that come from around my age, 20s. Making a musical show was a big opportunity, their hard work could be seen through the show. Probably if, one read my review, it could be an input for next show. I wish for the better show next time!

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