BANGKOK : The City [1]

Bangkok I'm in love. 

First impression I had when I stepped into this country was like home. It felt so similar with Jakarta. The climate and the ambience were so familiar. Except the font and language, the city life is similar to Singapore, but for me I think it is warmer. Luckily I went there on the rainy season, so the weather was not as hot as usual. My mom said to me that I had to bring thin clothes and lots of water to drink. So for you who could not resist hot weather, please come in November or December. 

These photodiaries of Bangkok were taken along the Siam area. My friends and I took on foot from our BNB to Platinum Shopping center. The pedestrian is so friendly and walkable. You could catch some nice street art and traditional architecture along the road.

Click here, for more photos in Bangkok !



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