SAM POO KONG : Charming Red Temple in Semarang

Happy CNY, everyone ! 恭喜发财. Welcome to The Year of Dog.
May you have a prosperous year ahead. Imlek is famous with the red colour, matches with my newest photo diary in Semarang. Please enjoy !

It is one of the oldest temple in Semarang, Sam Poo Kong, or known as Gedung Batu Temple. This temple was built from 1416, when Admiral Zheng He landed in Semarang because of one of his ship captain, Wang Jing Hong, fell ill. At first, Admiral Zheng He found a cave and started to pray inside it. To pay his respect to his admiral, Wang Jing Hong made a statue of Admiral Zheng He in 1417. Due to a landslide, in 1704, the cave was destroyed, the locals made a new cave besides Wang Jing Hong's tomb. 

In 2002, Sam Poo Kong was fully-restored to prevent the temple from flood and other problems. The restoration finally completed in 2005. The uniqueness of the temples is the form that was adapted from local architecture, joglo, mixing between Javanese and Chinese style.

They provide costume rental for the visitors

Admiral Zheng He

Kyai Juru Mudi Temple

Opening Hour : 08.00 AM - 08.00 PM

Entrance Fee : 
  • Local : 3.000 IDR (Children), 5.000 IDR (Adult), 20.000 IDR (Praying Area)
  • Foreigner : 10.000 IDR, 30.000 IDR (Praying Area)

Jalan Simongan No.129,
Semarang, Central of Java
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