KURA SUSHI : ¥100 Conveyor Belt Sushi

After my friends, (Nando, Katin) and I visited Kiyomizu-Dera in Kyoto, we decided to search the nearest 100 JPY sushi. And so we found Kura Sushi by google suggestion, or can be called Kura Kaiten Sushi. Kura Sushi is one of the biggest conveyor belt sushi in Japan. It has almost 400 branches all over Japan.The maps showed us the direction via bus (It is easier to go around by bus in Kyoto).

As we reached the location the showed in the map, there was no restaurant near us. Until my friend, Nando, spotted on the restaurant sign. (Fyi, he learned mandarin, and noticed the first word is Kura, #soproud). I have attached the logo of the Kura Sushi, so it will help you notice the signage on the building.

The typical design of Kura Sushi building is the ground floor is where the cars park. We have to go up to the second floor by the elevator. There is the machine to get the number of the waiting list. It is all in Japanese, so you can ask the waiter to help you. (It is divided into dine in or take away, then you input the total of you). After you get the table, you either can take the sushi directly from the conveyor belt, or you can order it by the tablet on each table. After you order, in a mean time the sushi will be sent to your table. With only ¥100 per plate you can get wonderful sushis. In Jakarta, you can find Genki Sushi that has the same type of restaurant.



Opening hour : 11.00 AM - 12.00 AM


Nakagyo Ward, Nishinokyo Higashigekkocho, 22
〒604-8422 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto

(*You can find the nearest from your location by Google Maps, the address above is where we visited at that time)
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