Japan sure is the best destination to travel. (What to say for a girl who only visit a few countries, so sorry). But Japan left a really nice memory for me. After the trip I did in 2017, some people near me start asking to me about what city did I visit, how much did I spend. So in this post I will share my 10 days itinerary I did in the #2017JAPANTRIP. Hope it will help you planning your trip. 

Day 1 (Tokyo)

Arrived in Narita Airport
Check in our AirBNB in Shinjuku
Exploring Shibuya
Line up for Gyukatsu Motomura

Day 2 (Tokyo)

Sakura Viewing in Shinjuku Gyoen 
Lunch at Ichiran Ramen 
Visiting Meiji Shrine
Exploring Omotesando 
Visiting Ueno Park
Dine in Pork Cutlet nearby

Day 3 (Tokyo-Kyoto)

Hamarikyu Garden 
Visiting Tomioka Hachiman Shrine
Tokyo Station 
Heading to Kyoto
 Check in to our AirBNB 
Visiting Kiyomizu-Dera
 Strolling in Gion 
Trying sushi belt in Kura Sushi

Day 4 (Kyoto-Nara)

The famous Fushimi-Inari
Having lunch in Nara (Recommended by the Tourist Center)
Tasting Ramen in Kyoto Station

Day 5 (Kyoto)

Lunch at Ijuzu Sushi
Sakura viewing in Maruyama Park
Visiting Kiyomizu-Dera
Trying sushi belt at Kura Sushi

Day 6 (Kyoto-Osaka)

Lunch at Yoshinoya, near Kyoto Station
Heading to Osaka
Snacking at Dotonbori
Dinner at Ikkaku Chicken
Streaming Coffee Company

Day 7 (Osaka-Kobe)

Osaka Castle
Heading to Kobe
Kobe steak for lunch
Sight seeing in Kobe
 Heading back to Osaka 
Second time, Kura Sushi !

Day 8 (Osaka-Tokyo)

Breakfast at Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street
 Heading to Tokyo
 Searching for pancake in Omotesando 
Dinner eel in Shinjuku

Day 9 (Tokyo)

Chidoriga-fuchi for riding a boat
Roppongi Hills
21_21 Design
Modern Art Museum
Kimono Experience in Asakusa
Meguro River for Night viewing sakura

Day 10 (Tokyo)

Sushi hunting in Tsukiji Market
Checkout from our AirBNB
Buying merchandise in Tokyo Station
Heading to Narita
Waving goodbye



That's it ! Hope you enjoy it.
Any question, drop it on the comment box below !

*For how much I spent click here
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