SHIBUYA & ASAKUSA : 2.5 Hour Being a Model [Airbnb Experience Review]

First time having a photography session!

Yup, I am hiring photographer from Airbnb. Not only places to stay, Airbnb also offers "Experiences" such as short trip inside the city or doing some local activities. In Japan, you can also rent Kimono or taste local food in the city. When there are only two in the trip, so my mom and I found it difficult to take a photo for both of us. So I hire the photographer from the apps, click here . When you order, you can choose the time schedule (the duration is 2.5 hour). It starts from Shibuya and ends in Asakusa. So you can plan your itinerary of the day. The meeting point will be set up by the host. It is very eazy to find. For me, t is a wonderful experience. My tips here is don't bring to many things if you are only 2 people. It will take your time to put down and put back your things. Plus, don't worry they can speak in English. 

I will share some of the photos. All of the photos below here are taken by Miss May, and edited by me.  Actualy Mr. Jay already edited them with his style. But I beg him to give me the raw photos, and made it a la me. hehehe. 

We are Crossing !


In Front Of Izakayas

Spy Mode On

Inside the Train Station 


Tokyo, Japan

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