NARA PARK BANDUNG : Child Friendly Open Space in Bandung

On my last trip to Bandung, a few weeks ago, I went with my friends Ai, Mpi, and Andre. One of them got a question about places that are recommended for family with kids in Bandung. So she suggested this place, Nara Park Bandung (should mention the city, because basically it is a real park located in Japan. I have made a post about it, just click here). 

Actually, I visited this place in 2019. At that time, my friends and I just dropped in for a while and then trying to find another place to hangout. So I really did not have any experience about this place, but still managed to take some photos. Here are some photos that I would like to share, hopefully it is still the same.

Opening hour : 07.00 AM - 10.00 PM  / 11.00 PM (weekends)

Jalan Rancabentang no. 28
Ciumbuleuit, Bandung

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