LOVE POEM IN JAKARTA 2020 : Can't Move On!

Finally! IU concert in Jakarta. BRB crying.
The day the ticket was on sale, I was at Balai Kota, presenting Architecture Design Competition. So around 2 PM, I stayed outside, refreshing Traveloka Apps. It was immediately sold out, I even could not choose one seat. Until Carmelita said, she got 2 on the silver class. Oh God, thank you.

We got the ticket on the second day, 29th December 2020. It was the final day of Love Poem Concert by IU. So I was so excited and tried listening for days. Learning at the last minute for the fan chant of Blueming. The show was held at Istora Senayan. Started at 7 PM, it ended surprisingly at 10.30 PM. How crazy it was. There was the encore and also re-encore. The total songs for the encore were 8 songs! When the show ended, I walked out spinningly. So hungry!

IU was so magical, she was so talented, so beautiful, so kind.
She said that our voices were so good that she was shocked because it helped her.
She sang Dear Name and also Ending Scene. Love those songs. Sadly, along the concert we were prohibited on taking photos or videos. There were many staffs near us that watching us. We could take photos and videos until the last song and also encore songs.

With Carmelita

Dear Name - IU

See you next time, IU !


McD to the rescue! 

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