TOFUKU-JI TEMPLE : Beautiful Spot for Red Maple Leaves

I went here on the 4th day In Japan, 21st October 2018. Tofuku-ji is one of the best spots for autumn leaves viewing. I knew already that I would not find the red leaves when I got there.

But it was still good to visit this place. It was very calming (like other places in Kyoto). It has the same vibes as Nijo Castle complex. My mother and I walked for 15 minutes from Tofukuji Station to get to this place. We walked along the residential area and felt a little exhausted.

At the ticket counter, there will be 2 types of admission, first for the Hojo and Garden entrance, and second for Tsutenkyo Bridge and Kaisando Hall. Tofukuji is the largest and oldest Buddhist temple in Kyoto. And one of its spots is Tsutenkyo Bridge, a walkway famous for sightseeing of span maple trees. Probably the best time to visit there is around late November - December. Although we cannot find the red leaves, here are some photos that I have taken.

Opening hour : 
09.00 AM - 04.30 PM (April to October)
08.30 AM - 04.30 PM (November to early December)
09.00 AM - 04.00 PM (early December to March)

Entrance Fee: 400 JPY for Hojo and Garden entrance, 400 JPY for Tsutenkyo Bridge and Kaisando Hall

15-778 Honmachi Higashiyama-ku
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