NIJO CASTLE : Reminiscence of Hierarchy

How tidy a garden can be

In the morning, we visited Nijo Castle, which is located in Kyoto. We took the train and stopped at JR Nijo Station. It took around 15 minutes to reach the main gate. I suggest you should arrive early, because when I went there, I found many tourists buses parked in front of the gate. The entrance fee for adult is 600 JPY. 

It is one of the seventeen Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto which have been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site ( The area is quiet big to be explored, there are many gardens and ponds. Ninomaru Palace one of the buildings here. I want to share my funny story here. 

So when we entered the palace, there was the security that reminded us to not taking any photograph inside the building. So as we walked in, we bumped in with one group of tour with a Japanese grandpa, explaining about the rooms inside. His explanation got our attention, so we followed his step. At one point, I just realized I stood very near to him, and I did not have enough time to back off, as the grandpa asked me, "Are you in my group?" 

"Eh, no. Sorry." walked backward.
"Where are you from?" 
"You should pay me." 
I was so shocked and frozen at the moment. 
"I am joking." he said laughing. "I love your country. Jakarta? Nasi goreng and Sate?" 

Then he gave us the gesture of "you can join me." I was very embarrased at the moment. But I will never forget that day. Thank you, grand pa !

Let's check some photos from Nijojo Castle :)

I am everywhere

Small wedding ceremony at the garden

Entrance fee 600 JPY

Fort's Gate

Ninomaru Palace (no photography allowed inside)

Based on what I listened to grandpa, this pallace is having a great history inside. We should take off our shoes before entering the pallace. It is such a big pallace to explore. Every rooms have different meaning, like how the layout of the room, the amazing artworks (describing power and beauty), the main purposes. I suggest you follow a tour (paid one) or rent an audio guide for further information. 

What details should be

Beautiful pond at Nijojo Garden

Opening hour : 8.45am-5.00pm (admission until 4.00pm)
Entrance Fee : 600 JPY

541 Nijojocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8301JAPAN

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