JAPAN TIPS : Haneda or Narita ?

Cathay Pacific Airline, great service !
My last trip, I flied with Cathay Pacific. It was 14 hours in total to reach Japan from Indonesia. I had to transit in Hongkong first. Garuda or Airasia offer direct flight from Jakarta to Japan. But for me, price come first so I still chose to transit. I met some girls who used the transit time for exploring Hongkong. I thought it was a good idea. You should consider it.
Indonesia-Japan ticket, 2016

The first mistake (probably not) that I made was buying ticket to Narita. Because of lacking of information or being a Conan-fan (I know Narita airport from this comic, poor me). So I likely suggest you should buy it to Haneda Airport. Why? It is nearer to Tokyo city. As an example, if your house in Tangerang, you will choose Soetta airport rather than Halim Perdanakusuma airport. Because it is nearer to the city, it makes the transportation become cheaper and also faster.

Transport to The City

We chose to use train to the city. The choices were either used rapid local train or Keisei Skyliner, which is faster and also more expensive. We decided to buy Keisei Skyliner (2470 JPY) ticket near the exit gate.

Keisei Skyliner, http://www.keisei.co.jp , 2017
The ticket, 2017
Transport to Airport

On the last day, we decided to go back from Tokyo Station. We found out a JR Office (although our JR Pass is ended, another mistake, [READ] JR PASS : Should We Buy it?). After asked the information about how to get to Narita Airport, we decided to use JR Narita Line (around 90 minutes from Tokyo). It is slower than Narita Express, because it stops in some stations. So if you would like to spare some time to go to airport it is a great choice. Why? Of course because it is cheaper. JR Narita Line costs 1320 JPY (unreserved seat), while Narita Express (NEX) costs 3190 JPY.

The train is available for every 30 minutes. It starts from 06.00 until 00.00. We take the train that standby on Line 4 in Tokyo Station (remember JR line!).

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