My first thing that I want to share is SAKURA HUNTING AT JAPAN ! I visited Japan with two of my friends, from 28th March 2017 - 6th April 2017.

With my travel buddies ! (From left : Me, Katin, Nando), Shinjuku, 2017

It was all started at an event, held by CIMB Niaga, in ICE. There were a lot of offerings in this event, starting from travel fair, car exhibition, and card promotions. My friends and I of course aiming for buying flight tickets.

The flyer, 2016,

I have never been to travel fair before. So my friend, Nando, and I queued from 6AM until the gate was opened at 10AM. So the basic thing is cashback. We should get the cashback bracelet before entering the venue. Usually, there is a limit for the user who can get those bracelets.

First, we buy the ticket on the chosen travel agent with the normal price or discounted by the agent. And then we showed the bracelet to the event committee from that bank, and then get the cashback. For my case, the cashback would be returned to the creditcard, then we can use it or change it into cash. But we can use it 30 days after the transaction.

I bought ticket in Golden Rama Tour and Travel, 5.375.000 IDR, (Cathay Pacific)
I queued at cashback counter, and change the bracelet into cashback 1.875.000 IDR (special for Japan flight, 1.000.000 IDR for others)
(This was returned 30 days after it in my creditcard)
So the final price was 3.500.000 IDR / each  !

The receipt from the travel agent to be shown to the cashback counter, BSD, 2016
Further TNC, each CC can only have 2 tickets for cashback.
So if you want to buy 4 tickets, you should have 2 CC.
(In my case, I just traveled with 2 of my friends, so we only had to buy 3 tickets. But because of the tnc, we should buy another one, or buy with normal price for the third one. But God is so good, there was a woman who also wanted to buy only one ticket, so we combined buying into one receipt. I know it sounds so complicated, but finally we did it !)

Another example, HSBC once held a travel fair, each CC there is no limit for purchasing ticket. So you don't have to think about buying 2 or 4 tickets. I havent been other travel fair, so I will share it once I try it :)

Sorry for my bad explaining. I suggest you should find out the system before you come to the event. Sure it will help you to be more understand about buying ticket process. If you have any question just put on the comment below. I will try my best to help you !

Our happy faces after half day chasing for the tickets, BSD, 2016

Further notes : Thanks to Jessica Berhitoe, Katin's sister who let us borrow her CC, now she is working in Nanny's Pavillon. So it is free endorsement from us ! hihi 😂

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