ELLE & HANSEN : Marhusip and Patua Hata

11th May 2017, there was Marhusip and Patua Hata held in my house. This is a Batak tradition for everyone who want to marry. It is the same with engagement party. The groom will come with his family to the bride's house. Then ,each family will be dealing about "Uang sinamot" (the money for "buying" the bride, actually it usually will be used for holding the wedding party). After the dealing is final, the bride will come out and everyone will get the "Uang Ingot-ingot" (Ingat means remember in Indonesian). 



My Sissy

Pa, what are you doing?



Mr. Sidabutar and Mr. Sidabutar

The Hosts



Dealing starts

The protocols from each fam

Take and give (look the hands !)


Ingot-ingot (Reminder)

Uang ingot-ingot (for remembering the wedding dates)

Pardon of my graduation photo :")

Every guest will get the money



"Baru sah"

To be continued...
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