WEST SIDE STORY 2017 : Superb Performance by JPAC

I love watching musical. My first musical that I watched was Phantom of the Opera, the legendary play for all time. At that time, I watched in MBS Singapore, on the very back seat on the theater. But I knew it, this is what I love, the music, the play, the story, the setting, everything of it. 

So, last month, I saw my friend's post on instagram, selling her ticket "WEST SIDE STORY" show in Indonesia. I know it is one of the famous play from Broadway, but I had no idea about the plot, the story, the songs. In a second, I bought the ticket from her. 

The show was held in Taman Ismail Marzuki, Cikini. I thought it was on the new auditorium, but appearently it was in the old building besides it. (FYI, on the new building there was also a show, which was Ernest Prakasa's Setengah Jalan show, duh). 

The drama

An unexpected thing happened when I want to redeem my ticket. So the my ticket was in the same booking code with my friend's friend. Which I had no idea who he/she was. I called my friend until 7.05 PM finally she picked up. Then, her friend went down to give my ticket. Luckily, the gate was closed at 7.15 PM. 

And it is starting...

The show started with Riff and the Jets at the opening. They were an American gangster with jeans outfit and cool hairdo. The casts were played by Indonesian, but I can feel the vibe American and Latino vibes in their conversation. Although the music was not played live, but the vocal of the casts can blend in and harmonize well.

With Maria !

With Riff

With Doc and Lieutenant

This is the second Indonesian production of musical theater that I watched. I could rate it 7.5/10 for the play. This score is maybe affected by the plot that I do not really like especially for the ending. I disagree with the way of last scene presented and I could not feel the message and feel for Maria and Tony seperating like that. (It is just be being so logical, sorry. How could you love someone just killed your brother?) I just could not get in to the mood. But overall, I can see the hardworking of the casts and committee to serve a great show. So, JPAC, I will wait for the next show ! Keep the good work, guys :)

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