NEZU MUSEUM : Exquisite Museum with Fine Architecture by Kengo Kuma

My friend who stays in Japan, recommend me to visit this famous museum, Nezu Museum. This museum is built by Nezu Kaichiro, who was the president of Toby Railway, Co., Ltd. He interested in art (especially tea serving) since moving to Tokyo and kept his collections private until he passed away. His son, then established a foundation and started to build the museum. 

Now, the collection are up to 7.400 pieces. The visitors cannot take a photo inside the display rooms. I have to admit I was so astonished seeing the collections of ceramics, paintings, calligraphy, and metal works from Japan and East Asia. There is a permanent exhibition and a temporary exhibition every 2 months. You can check it on the website

You can enjoy the redesigned museum by Kengo Kuma from the entrance, while there is a 17.000 square meter Japanese landscape garden on the backside. Inside the garden not only you can find a cafe, but also other art pieces like shrines and sculptures. I spent almost one and half hours here, did not expect that the garden is that big. You should take the maps ! 


Bamboo path

* Some architecture details 

Opening hour : 10.00 AM- 05.00 PM (entrance closes at 04.30 PM) *closes every Monday
Entrance Fee : 1300 JPY adult, 800 JPY student

6-5-1 Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-0062

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