#JAPAN2018 : My Accomodations

Thank God I got my second chance to visit Japan for vacation. This trip was with my lovely mom, I planned to bring her having holiday on her birthday. In this post I will share my places to stay in Japan. But first, I will answer the most asked questions about accommodation in Japan.

Where do you stay in Japan?

For my JAPAN2018 trip, I chose 1 listing from Agoda Homes and 3 listings from Airbnb. 

What is Airbnb ?

Airbnb is a website for searching accomodation for travelling or business trips. It is serving thousands properties that you can rent besides hotels. It could be an apartment room or sharing house, and many other types. Every properties has its host, so you can message them if you have any questions before the bookings or while you are staying at their place.

What is Agoda Homes?

Of course, you should know about Agoda. Now, Agoda is not only for booking hotels, but also serves alternative places like apartment room like AirBnb. The choices are not so many as Airbnb, but it is worth to search for comparison. 

Hotel in Japan?

For people who don't have trouble with budget, you should skip this one.
In a big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, hotels are quiet expensive. You should have an even members, like 2 or 4 people. Because of the size of the room is usually very compact. The bed is most likely 1 1/4 size. Japan is best known as efficient country. So they could minimize the unused space. For a short stay, probably this is not the big deal. 

Tips on booking for staying in Japan?

For me location, access from the nearest station are the foremost things you should think while considering the place. Because of you will travel with train, so you will bring your luggages from the station. Besides that the fare to your place also can be reduced

In June 2018, there is a new law that coming out from the Japan's government, about renting places for tourists. Including Airbnb, almost 80% of the listings had to be dropped out. Each host has to register to get the license number. I had booked earlier before the new law, it made 4 of my bookings were canceled by the hosts. Fortunately, airbnb gave me the coupons for making another bookings especially for Japan.

Source : The Verge

So now, either you will book Airbnb or Agoda Homes you can check if the host already has the license number or not. After you book their places, usually days before the check in, they will ask for our names and passport numbers for the inquiries. 

Tips on booking airbnb (actually the best person to be asked is my friend Fernando, he can be so detail on looking every listings and choose the perfect one)

Studio - type Apartment in Shin Osaka

It is a typical apartment, studio size. Perfect for 2 people, though they have 1 single bed with 1 1/4 size bed. It is located 10-minute from Shin-Osaka station, on foot. The path is relatively flat, but it takes time to reach the city center. I chose this one because of the location from Shin-Osaka station, the shinkansen will pass by this station, so we can reduce the time we have to travel with our luggages. It is located on the 9th floor, and there is elevator on the building.

Eisaku's House in Kyoto

So this is probably my favorite place. I booked this place via Airbnb. It is a small house, located 10 minutes walking from JR Kyoto Station. The host put the keys into the lock box with the codes (that was given a week before the arrival). The house has living room combines with bedroom, kitchen and dining room, and one bathroom. There is also 2 bikes that can be used while staying on this place.

I am so sorry not taking pictures of the house, but I made a video, actually it was for my dad (like he will be so excited seeing this house).

*I said magic jar, it is an electric jug, btw
**sorry for bad editting

Tokyo Gasshuku-jo

The last room is located near Itabashi-honcho Station (Mita Line, Toei). It took around 8 minutes walking, the road is flat so it easy for bringing the luggage. I booked this one because of course its architecture. It is a common house with several rooms with unique layout. Please take note that the bed is bunk bed, and the mattress is quiet thin. (It is okay for me but not for my mom). 

We stayed for 2 nights, but there was no gathering or event. I just met several tourists from Thailand  and Korea in the common room on the fourth floor. 

So that is my sharing for the rooms I stayed in while in Japan. Hope can help you choosing yours! 
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*Note : All of these rooms are already registered, so they have the license number. You can ask the host for it, if you want to make sure.

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